Sunday, August 22, 2010

Quilters Cabin Quilting Retreat

Eighteen keen and excited ladies had a great time at the retreat on the weekend.  There was great food, lots of laughter and wonderful ladies all sharing the weekend together.  Sorry Natalie I didn't finish your lovely stocking... I made the reindeer and there was lots of laughter and comments as we tried to turn the reindeer in the right way after sewing the bodies together.  I shall have to post a photo when I get them all finished. We had a show-n-tell on Saturday night and there are just so many talented ladies around.  The quilts and bags were just gorgeous. Should have got the camera out... Oh well back home and on with the next thing now.  I have an exercise class in the morning so had better go to bed early after two late nights in a row.


  1. Don't sweat it Rae LOL, I went to my retreat all organised to do all this fantastic stitching and all I managed to do was make Janelle Wind's phone pouch. I bragged about how it would take me only an hour and it took me all day! LOL! I was too busy laughing, eating and fluffin' about!So I am hearing's all good stuff hey! Love it...

    Nat xx