Thursday, August 26, 2010


Our daughter and family came over from Germany for 41/2 months. Her husband only stayed for the 6 weeks as he had to go back to work. Ishla wanted to give the kids some good old Kiwi culture by putting them into school for the first term.  They arrived early December so it was good for them to have a nice hot summer instead of a freezing cold Christmas.. They settled into school really well and their English was excellent in the end.  Even little Taine learned to speak English and now that he is home is still talking English.  His German grandparents can't understand him...Our daughter keeps speaking English (when she can remember) to them so they can communicate to us. She has been living over there for 15 years now so we call her our German Frau.....We miss them heaps but with internet and skype etc it makes things a little easier. I am a little bit late with all this news as they have now been home for over a term.....It is amazing how resilient kids are, as they had to speak English and do all the school work here  including spelling, and then back to Germany and pick up where they had left off.. I can't even learn German.....

My Gorgeous Grandchildren

Taine 2yrs
Julian 12 yrs
Sally 11yrs and Jack 9yrs

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Quilters Cabin Quilting Retreat

Eighteen keen and excited ladies had a great time at the retreat on the weekend.  There was great food, lots of laughter and wonderful ladies all sharing the weekend together.  Sorry Natalie I didn't finish your lovely stocking... I made the reindeer and there was lots of laughter and comments as we tried to turn the reindeer in the right way after sewing the bodies together.  I shall have to post a photo when I get them all finished. We had a show-n-tell on Saturday night and there are just so many talented ladies around.  The quilts and bags were just gorgeous. Should have got the camera out... Oh well back home and on with the next thing now.  I have an exercise class in the morning so had better go to bed early after two late nights in a row.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Christmas in July

I have been busy all of July doing the Christmas in July with QFD creative.  What a lot of fun it was.  It was like a retreat that went on for a whole month....We got heaps of patterns from so many of the top designers in Australia.  Thank you so much and I have enough patterns and ideas to keep me going for ages. I shall have to get sewing and finish some of the projects and post them on here...Thank you to all the ladies that made this possible.  Can't wait for the next one.