Sunday, October 11, 2009

I love Spring/Summer

I love this time of the year.  Now that the bad weather has been and gone...  It was a bit late starting...I took these pics today as it looks so pretty from our lounge . The flowers that pop up along the beach are just lovely and they keep coming up each year. We did have a Tsunami warning the other day after the big earthquake in Samoa but thankfully nothing came of it. It does make a few people a bit edgy tho. There was a pod of dolphins playing out there for ages.

We had our last trip to Palmerston North to pick up our last sampler block yesterday so another year has been and gone and we now have another quilt to put together... That always takes the longest... I still have a couple of years back that are still sitting in the drawers to put together.  How many quilts do we need??????

Friday, October 9, 2009

Family Reunion

Sorry I have been fairly quiet this last few weeks.  We traveled up North for our bi-annual Suckling family reunion.  It is actually called "The Sucky Challenge" now as most of you who know the Sucklings, they are a fairly competitive bunch.  It is a great time to catch up with all the rellies and have a fun weekend. We took heaps of photos but as this is mainly a quilting and sewing blog I had better keep them off.  I wouldn't know which ones to put on,.  The theme for the Saturday night dinner was Indian so we all dressed up as Indians and had different curries for dinner.  Ok if you like curries....The big Tua vs Cameron boxing fight was also on so we  watched it on the big screen that was set up at the venue. That didn't take too long..We traveled back over the next few days and then got stuck in Taupo as the road was closed to Napier.  It was ok for us as we were in our motor home. Road opened at 6pm Wednesday evening so we hit the road just after then.It was the biggest snow storm for 25 years.  Can you believe it is supposed to be Spring.. It was a slow trip home but really pretty as it was light until about 8pm. Unpacked slowly the next day and then into my sewing room to catch up on some stitching...It is only 7 weeks until our family come over from Germany for four months.. Best I get off this computer and do some work....