Friday, September 25, 2009

One more of the Saturday samplers.  This was my first big bright quilt. 

Thursday, September 24, 2009

One of our mystery quilts we made. It was made mainly from a jelly roll.  We had to buy more accents. The clues were given over the internet every hour from 5pm until about 1am. Of course we didn't get the tops finished as there was too much laughter, chocolate and good fun. We have done this twice now. The ClothShop was running the mystery.  I told you the ClothShop is my favourite shop..

Have been going through my old photos and found some more quilts I have finished. This one is one we made through the ClothShop as a Saturday sampler. I loved the dark colours and have it down in our guest room. It is hanging on a ladder and looks rather nice...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Here is the latest of  new stash I bought  from Taupo on our way home from the Quilt Show in Hamilton.  I just love the colours.They are yummy..  It's for a Christmas wall hanging which is nearly finished.Yay it will be up in time for Christmas.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday Sampler quilt trip

Well we had a great day in Palmerston North.  Three of us went down this time as our friend Jillian was at a camp up in Auckland. We went on the Friday instead of the usual Saturday and the Cloth Shop was busy with their Friday quilting group.  We missed Katherine's husband Colin who always gives us cheek and checks our blocks to make sure we have done them right... While we were enjoying our lunch at a cafe who should walk in but Colin so he came over and joined us. These are the blocks so far.  There are three more blocks to add and then it is all put together.  It is our first quilt as you go. Can't wait for the end to see how it is all put together.  It is a mystery quilt that is run over the 9 months.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cool we are off to Palmerston North to my favourite TheClothShop again tomorrow. We are leaving early so we can spend the day just doing what ever we chose. We are picking up our number 8 block. We are doing a quilt as you go this time in red, black and white. Really quite stunning. Will post a couple of photos to give some idea of what they will be like. We usually go on a Saturday but my friend has football with her son all day. We are soooooo lucky..

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We have been travelling down to Palmerston to "The Cloth Shop" for the last seven years doing our sampler quilts. We end up each year with a quilt (if we get around to finishing it). So you can imagine all the quilts we have folded up over ladders and beds. This is my favourite shop and I just love our escapes away each month. Shame they don't do retreats...
I will have to take photos of the rest of the blocks and post them later. It was hard trying to do the borders not knowing what the end result will be. This is one of the blocks from the Breast of Friends mystery quilt that is running through the Homespun book.

Here is another block of the Breast of Friends quilt. I have just received the book with the setting of the quilt in. I can't wait to get all the blocks finished now.

I am doing the Breast of Friends quilt with some of my quilting friends. We have had such fun meeting and working out colours etc. Our friend Di gave us a lesson on needleturn applique so we have done a few like that. I have only done machine blanket stitch in the past. I will post a photo of my first needleturn later.
Just bear with me for a while as I am learning how this all works. I will be continuously changing things around...