Thursday, June 3, 2010

Back again...

Hello I am back again after a few months break.  Had our daughter and  Grandies over for 41/2 months so not much sewing, quilting or anything else got done...We had a great time tho and we got to know our little ones quite well.  They live in Germany and of course that is their first language.  By the time they left their English was really good and they were even talking with kiwi slang..Our daughter said they are keeping up with their English back home and even little Taine who turned two over here is still talking English. He now can't understand his German grandparents.  Here is a photo of my bag I made on the embroidery machine.  Ishla took one home with her all finished as well.  We did do quite a bit of machine embroidery.  I will post photos of the grandies next time. 


  1. WOW!!!!! that bag is absolutely stunning what alot of work and effort love the clever lady....Di

  2. Clever, clever you. Me want. Flossie

  3. You can if you want to. Have to come for a weekend tho....