Monday, November 2, 2009

Breakfast in the sun

Our nephew Brent's partner Emma and her girlfriend from Sweden have breakfast on the front balcony.  Noel is enjoying the morning sun also..Emma and Johanna are both from Sweden and Emma is taking some time out to show Johanna the sights.  They have gone cycling around the city and wineries for the day. Emma is on the left. The girls  have been up the mountain skiing the last few days. Lets hope the weather stays nice for them before they head back up North.


  1. Oi how will you get more followers if you don't stick twilight photos on here !!!!! see soon then aye :-)

  2. Thank you Jocey,

    We are very spoilt living here with our view and nice weather.. It is too nice to go inside and stitch sometimes.. With winter here now my sewing room will get some more use... Mind you our winters are very mild.