Monday, June 6, 2011

Royal Wedding sleep over..

Five of us had a great time to celebrate William and Kates wedding last month.  We decided we would each make a quilt over the weekend.  We started off with dinner Friday night and then got into it.. Set up our tables and took over the lounge.  My husband had decorated the room with banners, flags and balloons before he took off for the weekend for a nice relaxing time...We had all our fabric cut and ready so we were straight into it... Stopping of course to watch the wedding in fits and starts.. Just before the bride arrived one of the girls disappeared downstairs and came walking up the stairs in her pyjamas with her own wedding veil on.  I have been threatened that no pictures are to be put on this blog so I had better do as I am told..We got to bed at 3.30 am would you believe.  Arose fairly early in the morning and started into it all again. What fun.. Got the tops all finished and then onto the quilting.  We all quilted a new style.  Roughly 1/4 inch apart in strips. No lines just using our eye as we didn't want the lines too perfect.  I like the look better also. We were all really happy with the results but it did take a bit longer than we thought.  Finished them on the Sunday arvo.  I did mine in the French General fabric which I just love.  Until next time.. Hopefully it won't be so long in between posts..